Joseph & Stacie Graber

Specializing in arts and media for Christian families, the Thorn Crown Project is an independent production company owned by Joseph and Stacie Graber:

“Our goal is to influence as many areas of media and art as possible. With that goal in mind, we are currently producing a documentary and co-laboring with Media Talk 101 to host the Christian Worldview Film Festival. In the past we have produced several other projects which are available in our webstore.” 



Here is quick overview of the various aspects of the Thorn Crown Project:


Feature Films: Indescribable

Joseph and Stacie began collaborating on Indescribable before they were married. Indescribable was filmed during June and July of 2011 in Bryan, Texas. It was released to DVD in April 2013 and is available online and in many Christian book stores. You can see the trailer below and navigate on over to the Indescribable page for more information.


Chalk & Harp Presentations

For the past fourteen years Joseph has used chalk art as a means to share the Gospel. Stacie has been playing the harp for 13 years.  Now Joseph and Stacie have joined together to do chalk & harp presentations. Their most recent presentation shares part of the message of their recent movie project, Indescribable. 


Film Festival

A film festival for young Christian filmmakers offering cash prizes, judges feedback and a public screening for aspiring filmmakers.